The Ideal Partnership.

The Ideal Partnership helps you manage multiple contractors and Ideal boiler installations throughout all your housing stock.

We give you everything you need in one convenient place so that you can review all of your Ideal boiler installations by contractor along with water testing results, where applicable.

With Ideal Partnership you can view warranty activations, water test results and boiler registrations, all in one convenient location.

Being a member of the Ideal Partnership allows you to:

  • Manage your boiler installations
  • View boiler registration history and water test results
  • Update your profile and contact details
  • Claim CSR credits for community projects
  • Access comprehensive product information
  • Contact your Key Account Executive

Support Through CSR Credits.

We are committed to supporting local communities and offer CSR credits for you to use for improving local environments by adding park benches, playground equipment, bike shelters, trees, shrubs and much more.

Find out more today by contacting your local Key Account Executive.

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